Moroccan Red Clay, Ylang-Ylang, & Tuberose

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This soap main protagonist is Moroccan Red Clay. Moroccan red clay is a natural clay that is comprised of mineral oxides, silica, and dolomite. It obtained its red color from high contents of iron oxide, which is a naturally occurring chemical compound composed of iron and oxygen. Moroccan red clay is excellent for dry, flaky, and sensitive skin due to its mineral composition. Because of its silica content, Moroccan Red Clay improves the elasticity and texture of the skin. It is effective in absorbing sebum, oil, and other impurities. In addition to act as a very mild exfoliant of dead cells. It helps get rid of blackheads, tighten pores, brighten the skin tone, and makes the skin much softer. Research shows that iron and magnesium [both found in this clay] help regenerate skin cells and improve the process of collagen synthesis, which can improve skin tightness and youthfulness. But wait, that is not it. As if this wasn't enough, this soap is scented with Ylang-Ylang essential oil. This natural essential oil is packed with antiseptic, antidepressant, hydrating, cleansing and antioxidant, antibacterial and skin rejuvenating properties. Dry skin is the common culprit that triggers chronic skin ailments including eczema and psoriasis. Hydrating properties housed in Ylang-Ylang essential oil can improve your skin texture by moisturizing it. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents residing in Ylang-Ylang essential oil cleanse dead cells and restrain bacterial infection which helps control acne breakouts.

Reclaimed Cooking oil, organic coconut oil, olive oil, organic palm oil, castor oil, soy oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, red oxide, pulverized oatmeal, stearic acid, Moroccan Red Clay, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil, and Tuberose fragrance.