Body Scrubs

Our collection of Whipped Foaming Bath Butter comes in Sugar or Sea Salt.

What is the difference between Whipped Sugar scrubs and Whipped Sea Salt scrubs?

Our Whipped Sugar Scrubs are so mild that they can actually be used on your face. Sugar add lather and bubbles to the scrub when it comes in contact with water and it's massage onto the skin. You might want to stick to sugar scrubs if your skin is sensitive.

Our Whipped Sea Salt Scrubs will give you a more vigorous exfoliation. Sea salt is packed with vitamins and minerals all which are great for your skin [especially mature skin]. It will leave your skin feeling soft, clean, and healthy. Don't expect a lot of bubbles from this scrub, sea salt tends to prevent the formation of bubbles. But a nice creamy lather is to be expected as you massage this scrub onto your skin. Try not to use this scrub after shaving--it'll sting a little.