Floating Soap Oats + Milk + Honey Eco-soap

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Soap that is good for your skin and good for the environment.

Floating soaps are great to bath the little ones. Also great if you are planning to bathe yourself in a lake. Since the soap floats you will never lose on the bottom of the lake! And there are no harsh chemicals that will endanger the ecosystem.

This soap is great for sensitive skin. Colloidal Oats, Goat Milk and Raw Honey are the main ingredients in this soap. Colloidal Oats act as an extremely mild exfoliant, while Goat Milk and Raw Honey will moisturize your skin with a beautiful creamy lather.

Reclaimed Cooking oil, organic coconut oil, olive oil, organic palm oil, castor oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, stearic acid, sodium lactate, kaolin clay, oxides, colloidal oats,  raw honey, goat milk and fragrance.