Eucalyptus Lemon Bug Repellent Soap on a Rope

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Soap on a Rope. Looped the rope over your wrist to prevent the bar of soap falling to the floor. After you are done just hang the soap by the rope to dry. Your soap will last much longer if you keep it dry.

Get this soap before heading out to your next camping trip. Eucalyptus Lemon or Lemon Eucalyptus has a lemony-citronella-lemongrass sort of scent. It is an uplifting scent that makes you feel clean and fresh. Some people believe that it is just a mixture of lemon and eucalyptus essential oils--this couldn't be farther from the truth. Eucalyptus Citriodora [latin for smells like lemon] is a good old tree. Eucalyptus Lemon is used to alleviate muscle and joint pain. Not only does lemon eucalyptus essential oil repel insects, but it can also speed the healing of insect bites, particularly of those from mosquitoes, gnats, beetles, and biting flies. Activated Charcoal is a completely natural deep cleanser. Most deep cleansers contain chemicals, activated charcoal does not. It lifts and removes skin's unseen dirt. Activated charcoal attracts tiny particles of bacteria, chemicals and dirt to the surface of the skin. After that you just have to rinse and flush them out. Activated charcoal can be used on all types of skin, but it is really great to oily skin because it extracts the excessive sebum leaving your skin looking clean, fresh, and matte. It also sooths redness and irritations in sensitive skin.

Reclaimed Cooking oil, organic coconut oil, olive oil, organic palm oil, castor oil, soy oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, stearic acid, Activated charcoal and Eucalyptus Lemon essential oil.